Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge Machine 16000 r.p.m


Refreigerated Universal Centrifuge Brushless, 20000 rpm Premium model

Model : T-70BL

Digital, premium brushless model microprocessor based. Max. speed 20000 rpm further speed depends upon rotor being used. Fitted with microprocessor based LCD Pannel for 0-59 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed controller. Stand by temperature from -20°C to room temperature is controlled by microprocessor based digital temperature controller cum indicator. Working temperature from -8°C.

  Model Price in Rupee
  T-70 BL P.O.R.
  Angle Rotor 12 x 1.5/2.2ml with adopter 0.5/0.2ml. Max speed 20000 rpm P.O.R.
  Angle Rotor 24 x 1.5/2.2ml   Max speed 16000 rpm P.O.R.
  Angle Rotor 8 x 15ml Max speed 13000 rpm P.O.R.
  Angle Rotor 4 x 50ml.  Max speed 13000 rpm P.O.R.
  Angle Rotor 4 x 100ml.  Max speed 10000 rpm P.O.R.